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Nana Goodnight Ultra padss have a specially shaped front and back to fit your body perfectly. It is longer and has wings to keep it in place, even if you toss and turn in your sleep.

  • SecureFit: Shaped front and back to fit your curves
  • Fast absorbent core
  • All-around barrier
  • Anti-leak walls
  • Roll Press Go for ultimate discretion

Product Features

  • Thickness

    3 mm
  • Length

    320 mm
  • Dermatologically tested

  • SecureFit

Securefit™ technology Life isn’t always predictable. Some days the demands you make on your body can be huge, especially if you’re very active. And the last thing you want to think about when you’re having a busy day is the reliability of your sanitary protection. Which is why Nana has designed Triple Protection. Whether you’re in an event, hurling yourself round a Zumba class or practicing Yoga, these pads are made to stay in place – triple protection against leaks, no drama. Before Roll.Press.Go™, pads disposal often meant wrapping a used sanitary pad in reams of toilet paper, or rooting around in your handbag for a plastic bag to hide it in until you could find a bin or sanitary pad disposal unit. Both messy and inconvenient – especially if neither toilet roll nor plastic bag are available. But not anymore. Because now, whether you’re at your desk, on an airplane, jogging in the park or in a busy restaurant, all you have to do when you change your sanitary pad is roll the used one in the self-sealing wrapper, press the edges, then go. Job done. Roll.Press.Go: simple, hygienic and discreet. 1- Self-sealing edges on all sides 2- Neat and hygienic 3- Stays tightly secured after disposal

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