A young woman riding her skateboard
A young woman riding her skateboard
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Women should live the life they want without fear or shame. Period.

Period poverty demonstration protest with signs

What is period poverty?

Although period poverty is not often talked about, it is a global problem that affects millions of people. So it’s important that we all understand what it means and how we can help put an end to it.
Illustration of types of FGM

What is female genital mutilation (FGM)?

Female genital mutilation (also known as FGM) is a procedure that involves the removal or cutting of any part of female genitalia. It’s definitely a hard topic to talk about, but learning about FGM is important if we want to help fight it.

Improving women’s intimate wellbeing worldwide with PROJECT V

Breaking taboos around periods, vaginas and vulvas. Supporting women through their experiences.

Let our #Wombstories be heard

We tell girls a simple story...

Ok, let’s talk intimate experiences

We all have them, so why don’t we always feel comfortable talking about them? Sharing yours can be fun and freeing.
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Our eco promise

Your V-Zone. Your planet. We care for both. So we’re always looking for environmentally sound solutions.