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There’s no two ways about it: puberty is tough. But it’s challenging for a number of reasons, and they’re not all period-related.

Self-esteem issues are among the biggest obstacles of the teen years (and life), so finding ways to feel better about yourself is pretty crucial.

Teen self-esteem issues can’t be ignored. If your inner voice is always undermining you, take action. Letting it slide could mean that you become withdrawn and isolated. Or that you end up neglecting your friends or your school work. It can even manifest itself in eating disorders and self-harming.

What causes low self-esteem? Well, putting too much pressure on yourself for starters. It’s great to have ambitions, of course, like wanting to run the country or becoming a tech star. But if real life is a million miles from your goals, the stress can leave you feeling crushed. So relax and give yourself a break. Settle for being the best you can for now.

If you do find yourself feeling low, talk it through with someone you trust, like an elder sibling, aunt or family friend, or a school counsellor. Over time, sharing your worries will put them into perspective and eventually make them seem unimportant. And you know that stuff you’re always reading about exercise boosting endorphins and lifting your mood? It’s true, so it’s time to get active.

Reasons you might be feeling blue

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Social media

Sharing your life on Facebook is fun, but it can make you unhappy too, especially if you fall victim to trolls. Try staying off social media for a bit and connect with real people instead.

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Body image

We’re surrounded by unrealistic images of the ‘perfect’ figure, so it’s no wonder you feel bad about your developing body. Just remember that everyone looks a bit awkward in their teens.

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Mean friends

Do they value how you feel? Are they loyal? Do they understand if you don’t want to do something? If the answer to these is no, well, no wonder you don’t feel great. New pals required.


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