Even if you already have a hygiene routine that works well for you, you might be curious about the different ways to care for your V-zone.

Questions from, “Is it OK to use normal soap and water down there?” to “Which areas of my vulva should I wash?” are common.

Your vulva is unique, and so is the way you’ll look after it. You might not want or need any ‘special’ care for it at all. But say you’re sporty and are looking for something to handle the sweat around your V-zone that won’t mess with your natural pH. Or on busier days, you want something that’ll give you a quick freshen up without having to wash.

To make your life easier, some great products have been developed to help you care for your V-zone, depending on your specific needs. Here are some points you might want to add to the sensitive area care list:

Intimate Wash Gel vs normal soap

It is important to wash the vaginal area with products dedicated to this area, so as not to disturb the pH balance in the vaginal area - often the problem is in scented soaps and bubble baths. A wash for the sensitive area is the answer. Some sensitive area lotions are particularly useful for preventing odor, while others help soothe or moisturize inflamed skin. Sensitive area lotions are available in the form of gel, creams or foam, depending on your preference.

Daily V-Care™ Wipes

Daily V-Care™ Wipes are perfect for the times you want to give your V-zone a freshen-up without washing. They’re especially handy for festivals, after you’ve done sport or if you’ve just had sex. And if you’re on your period, you can have a quick clean up during bathroom trips, without needing any water.

Daily V-Care™ Liners

Discharge is healthy, and normal. If you find on some days you’re a little damp, our Daily V-Care™ Liners come in handy. They absorb moisture and allow your skin to breathe, so they’re ideal if you have occasional spotting, or for times when discharge is heavier in your cycle.

The availability of a wide range of sensitive area care products means there is something for everyone.

If you’re a teenager, you might have irregular periods or spotting if you’ve recently started your periods. This is totally normal but can mean you’re sometimes unprepared. Popping some of our Daily V-Care™ Liners into your bag means you’ll have something handy until you can get a pad or tampon.

After exercising or on the go, jumping into the shower might not always be an option. Wipes are perfect for times like this when you might want a quick freshen up. If you’d like something to deal with any dampness in your underwear, or to keep you feeling comfy when you’re running around, our Daily V-Care™ Liners are always a good call.

Pubic hair removal can cause skin to become sensitive, dry, or irritated. Some wash gels (perfume-free) contains aloe vera extract which can help to calm sensitive skin. Regular, gentle exfoliation during shower time and moisturization afterwards will help keep your skin smooth and make you less likely to get ingrown hairs.

If you're approaching menopause, a sensitive area wash with moisturizing properties is helpful in helping to combat vaginal dryness.

If you’re a new mum, and you’ve given birth vaginally your V-zone area might be tender or inflamed. A proper wash gel can gently cleanses, soothes and calms your skin in the shower or bath.

When your periods return, they might be irregular. Our Daily V-Care™ Liners Liners are great for discharge or occasional spotting.

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