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Whether you already have your intimate hygiene routine sorted or have never really bothered with one, it may help you to understand the different types of daily feminine hygiene products that are out there. This guide will shine some light on what may be right for you.

Throughout the different chapters of our lives, from puberty to menopause, our V-Zone (the vagina, vulva and V-shaped front you can see) goes through many changes and sometimes it can feel like it needs some extra care. Changes in our vaginal pH levels, discharge, and even sweat can cause our V-Zone to smell differently or even just make us feel a bit uncomfortable. For these reasons (or simply because it feels right for them!), many people decide to use products that are specifically made for intimate hygiene. 

This doesn’t mean that everyone absolutely has to use specific feminine care products – it’s really down to personal preference and what suits you and your V-Zone best. Finding out what’s out there and what each product does can help you make your choice.

The lowdown on daily intimate wipes

Sometimes you may feel like a quick freshen up around your V-Zone but are on-the-go or there isn’t a bath or shower to step into – for these occasions daily intimate wipes may come in handy. They’re great for festivals, travelling, after exercise, if you’ve just had sex or need a quick clean up whilst you’re on your period – plus, you can easily pop them in your handbag for safekeeping! 

If you’ve got sensitive intimate skin you may want to look into the fragrance-free kind, they help to reduce the risk of irritation while respecting your vulva’s natural pH balance so you can feel clean whenever, wherever. So, whether you’ve just scored the winning goal or danced the day away and want to refresh your V-Zone, you’re covered.

The lowdown on daily intimate wash

It is normal for leftover sweat, menstrual flow, discharge or even tiny traces of toilet paper to build up around your vulva. So gently washing the external parts of your V-Zone can help with a general feeling of freshness, not to mention happy and healthy intimate skin. 

Intimate washes are specially designed to not only wash your vulva, but also to soothe and calm any irritation or dryness. That is why some women+ prefer using them over products created for the rest of the body. Most intimate washes, (including our Daily V-CareTM Wash Gels) also help to support your vulva’s natural pH, so you’ll continue to feel fresh and comfy even after your shower.

The lowdown on liners

Liners may look a bit like a mini towel and although they can help to catch spotting or even light flow at the end of your period, they are actually handy for every other day too. Liners can really be used during any part of your menstrual cycle; to help absorb discharge, sweat, after-sex fluids...there’s really one for every need!

What should I look out for when buying intimate care products?

After a quick browse online or in your local supermarket or pharmacy, you’ll realise that there is a whole range of different products for your intimate area, so how do you know which one to pick? A lot of it will be down to your own personal taste, but having a look at the ingredients list and staying clear of harsh chemicals and perfumes is a great place to start.

This is because some chemicals and perfumes can alter the vaginal pH and irritate your intimate skin, making it dry and itchy. Fragranced hygiene products don’t necessarily affect everyone though, so just pay extra attention to how your V-Zone feels when using them, especially after trying something new. 

And bear in mind to be gentle when washing your V-Zone! Your vulva is particularly sensitive – scrubbing too hard or rubbing with a sponge could result in some serious discomfort and potential infections. Also, remember that cleaning inside your vagina is never necessary, as discharge and cervical fluids help flush out any bad bacteria.


There you have it, the lowdown on daily intimate care products. With so much to choose from, remember that there is no one right way to care for your V-Zone – each of ours is unique and so will be the way you look after yours. To learn more about caring for your intimate area, why not check out our articles on everything you need to know about V-Care and what period products are right for you?

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