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Let's Talk Period

Periods are a natural part of women’s lives.

Yet, they are shrouded in secrecy, because many consider them a taboo and are too shy and embarrassed to even mention the word ‘Period’. This leads to misinformation and misconception, which negatively affects the way young girls and women think and feel about themselves and their bodies. It’s time this changed!
At Nana, we’ve always believed in living fearlessly, with each of our products designed to help you take on whatever comes your way. Talking about period makes it a lot easier whether you are facing stress during your period, figuring out how to deal with PMS, or wondering what happens if you miss your Period. When you open up about your period – the way it makes you feel and the challenges it brings – you will be able to deal with everything better.
There is a lot to discover about your body and your menstruation cycle.
So go ahead.
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