App screens

Have you checked out Libresse’s period tracker app, Periodical?

It’s a great way to make managing your periods easier. You can do clever things like track your cycle, giving you more control over symptoms like cramps and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). You can even sync it to your social life, so you know in advance how your cycle’s going to impact it. Meaning you can plan for it, minimise the hassle of your periods and get on with living your life.

If you’re not sure what period tracker apps do or how they work, it’s a bit like having your own personalised period calendar in one handy place. With Periodical you just key in your own personal data – start and finish dates of your period, when the symptoms occur, etc – and use the settings to get the tracker to work exactly the way you want. Once you’ve set the reminders, the app lets you know what’s coming up and when, without you needing to check anything. This means you’ve always got sanitary towels on you exactly when you need them and painkillers at the ready for when the cramps start.

The app also offers you smart tips on how to deal with tricky aspects of your cycle, like mood swings, aches and pains and heavy flow. As you keep updating your personal data – e.g., which days your cramps are the worst or when you get the most intense PMS symptoms – the app’s knowledge of your cycle becomes even more precise. This means you get advice and help exactly when you need them.

Syncing the calendar with iCal and Facebook also means Periodical knows what your social life has in store. This ensures you can avoid cycle-related surprises when planning your fun. Like when to avoid wearing white jeans or when to have extra sanitary towels packed for a sleepover.

If you need to see timings for your next few cycles so you can plan ahead (for example, if you’re booking a holiday or have a swimming competition coming up), simply flip your phone to landscape view. This gives you a handy overview of your full timeline of past and future periods.

So yes, there are lots of period trackers out there, but none quite like Periodical. Not only is it extremely easy to use, it talks to you like an adult and tells you the stuff you really need to know, exactly when you need to know it.