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Welcome to the #wombstories survey. Thank you for visiting us.

While our film and research study showed a handful of #wombstories, we know there are so many more.

Which is why we would love you to share yours with us by filling in the survey below.

The more stories of love and hate, of pain and pleasure, of the weird and the wonderful we share, the less there is to fear. And the more it helps our physical and emotional wellbeing.
Your stories will help inspire our taboo-breaking actions, changing the stigmas around women's intimate experiences. Your quote may also be used to make one of our beautiful posts and be amplified on social media as part of the ongoing #wombstories campaign.

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Thank you to the women who've already shared their inspirational stories with us. Whether you’ve been through some highs and some lows or your womb has brought you joy or pain (or both), we’d love to hear from you.

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